Thank you for participating in the beta release of Thumby - the Tiny Playable Keychain! Your feedback will help us improve the Thumby production release.

  Your beta version of Thumby is yours to keep! Feel free to play with it (it has 5 preloaded games), hack it apart, program your own games, and (hopefully) share it with others.

Please contact us with any questions or comments at


We are launching Thumby on, on Tuesday Sept 28th, at 12:00PM (noon) EDT. We’d love for you to share some information about Thumby with your community. Our press kit has high resolution images, tech specs, and content for your articles:

If you do choose to share anything on Thumby, our preferred time is around our launch date, September 28th. Please direct people to our landing page: The landing page will redirect to the Kickstarter when it’s live.


Using the Online Thumby IDE

Get started learning how to program your own Thumby games in Micro Python, using the Online Thumby IDE.



  • Raspberry Pi RP2040 Processor
  • Monochrome 72x40 OLED Display
  • Micro USB for charging and programming
  • Lithium-Polymer 40mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Hardware Power Switch
  • 4-way D-pad and 2 Buttons for gameplay
  • Buzzer for audio
  • Dimensions: 1.2” x 0.7” x 0.3” (29.5mm x 18mm x 8.5mm)
  • 2MB total storage, 1MB file system
  • Programmable with the Arduino IDE or Micro Python