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About Us

We are TinyCircuits, and we specialize in making small electronics for makers and hobbyists.

TinyCircuits group photo
TinyCircuits' tiny & mighty team

We house our own manufacturing operation in Akron, OH, where we assemble, test, and ship all of our products.

TinyCircuits is a supporter of open-source hardware and software and believes collaboration leads to faster innovation. Our products are all open-source and released under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License. We are a proud supporter of the Open Source Hardware Association and have helped sponsor the Open Hardware Summit since 2013.

Our mission is to make cool stuff!

Learn more about our company and space with this short video tour of our office by the YouTube channel HackMakeMod.

Contact Us

You can post on the TinyCircuits Forum, or get in touch with TinyCircuits Customer Support for product, order, or technical questions.

If you want to chat about making new games or ask some new pals to test your game, the TinyCircuits Discord is a great place for real time conversations about Thumby and other TinyCircuits products! TinyCircuits Admins are available on the Discord, but please ask individual questions through our customer support portal so we can best assist you. 😊