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Uploading sketches

With the programming environment setup, it's time to upload a sketch.

Configuring upload parameters

  • Open the Arduino IDE and ensure the follow parameters are set under Tools
    1. Board: -> Raspberry Pi Pico
    2. Flash Size: -> 2MB no FS
    3. CPU Speed: -> 125MHz
    4. Debug Port -> Disabled
    5. USB Stack -> Pico SDK
    6. PORT:

Leave the port blank for the first upload - it will be set later


  1. Open the Arduino IDE
  2. Open an example using File -> Examples -> Thumby -> ThumbySimpleExample
  3. Put Thumby into BOOTSEL mode:
    1. Turn Thumby off
    2. Press and hold the down d-pad direction
    3. Turn Thumby on while continuing to hold the down d-pad direction
    4. Wait for a file explorer to pop up on the computer or for the "RPI-RP2" volume to automatically mount
    5. Click "Upload" in the top left of the IDE and wait for the "Done uploading" message above the console
    6. Select Tools -> Port: -> XXX(Raspberry Pi Pico) (select the port marked as a pico)

If successful, the Thumby will start showing something other than a black screen. The above process only needs to be done on the first time connecting a Thumby or if an error like "No drive to deploy" occurs.

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